Efficiency with a Sparkle


Dishwashers make our lives a whole lot easier. No more scrubbing those dishes clean after every meal. All we have to do is load up the dishwasher and press start. But is that REALLY all we have to do? No, actually, it’s not. In order to see our dishes come out sparkly clean time and time again, we have to keep our dishwashers sparkly clean too. This is very important for several reasons: Continue reading

How to Ready Your Appliances for Springtime Energy Efficiency


The birds are chirping, the grass is getting greener, the flowers are in bloom, and you can smell it in the air – Yes, it is something we call spring and it is in full effect. Some cringe at the though of starting their spring cleaning, but if it means becoming more energy efficient, how bad could it really be?

Some tips are obvious, “no-brainers,” but tend to be easily forgotten! Keep reading to get a head start on your spring savings: Continue reading

Save Those Benjamin’s: Be Energy-Efficient In Your Home


When you see the breakdown of energy usage in the average home, major appliances use approximately 13% of the energy. The millions of homes in the United States collectively use nearly 23% of the country’s energy, and a large amount of this energy is wasted through inefficient heating and cooling systems, old appliances, and leaky windows and ducts. Other than lowering your monthly utility bills, beginning to be energy-conscience can help the environment (and save you some extra cash!). If you are interested in saving up to 25% on your utility bills, check out these tips to preserve energy.


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