How do Refrigerators Work?


Refrigerators can be such interesting appliances. Well, maybe interesting should be swapped for confusing. Refrigerators keep your food cold, but how? It can’t be just from being plugged in. Checkout below for how refrigerators, and their parts, work together to keep your food cold.

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Why is my Refrigerator Warm and Freezer Cold?


We all know that moment. The moment that you open your refrigerator not to the refreshing cool blast of air on your face, but a strangely warm and slightly smelly blast of air on your face. There is nothing worse than a dysfunctional refrigerator. The most visited appliance is the appliance you should keep an eye on when it comes to maintenance. There are a few different reasons that your refrigerator would be warm while the freezer stays frozen, find out here what you need to check to fix it:15671456_ml.jpg Continue reading