How to Wash Your Towels


Everyone loves nice, clean,  fluffy towels.  Some people love them so much that they even buy candles and air fresheners that smell like them.  But something that we’ve noticed lately is that a lot of people have been asking just how to wash your towels to keep them that way, and of course how to avoid musty mildew smells.  So today we’ll be explaining how to do just that.  Continue reading

How to Rid Your Washer of Pungent Odors


There is nothing worse than putting your stinky clothes through the wash and having them come out smelling the same way they did before you put them in. The root of your problem is most likely with your smelly washing machine. Lucky for all of you, we know a quick Do-It-Yourself trick that can rid your washer and clothing of the stinkiest of smells! Continue reading

Static Cling | What Is It and How Do I Get Rid of It?


We’ve almost all dealt with it at some point.  After running the dryer, you find two shirts stuck together, and when you try to pull them apart you hear that all too recognizable crackle.  Static Cling.

But what causes Static Cling?  And how do you prevent it or get rid of it?  In today’s blog, we’ve got a few easy tips that may help you fend off the notorious Static Cling and will try to explain why it happens in the first place. Continue reading