Bathroom Fan Cleaning!


The bathroom fan can become one of the most neglected items to clean in the house. It is consistently looked over and the procrastination can begin to take over. However, having a clean exhaust fan working in your bathroom is important because it doesn’t just help with bathroom odors, but it also helps to remove the moisture from showers which leads to the prevention of mold. With that said, look at your bathroom fan next time to see what could be lurking around up there. Below are some helpful guidelines for when the time comes to clean the exhaust fan.

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Air Conditioner vs. Fan


This summer has been a hot one. And to keep cool, the top two appliances people rely on are fans and air conditioners. However, both have their own pros and cons. Continue reading

Product Pick of the Week: Air Conditioner Compressors


Summer is in full swing, which means that you’ve probably been using your air conditioner for the past few weeks.  But have you ever wondered how your air conditioner works?  Well, you’re in luck because in this week’s Product Pick we’re going to talk about just that.  Our pick this week goes to Air Conditioner Compressors, the in-between step in the cooling process. Continue reading