What is Freezer Burn?


You go over to the freezer and pull something out for dinner only to find that it’s a little icy or maybe the color is off. You turn it over in your hands inspecting it for a minute, then wonder “Is this still safe to eat?”  Sound familiar?

Most of us have experienced this multiple times.  Freezer burn.  No one likes to find that the food they’ve bought has been burned and having to toss it in the trash.  But what causes freezer burn? And how far can it go before it really isn’t safe to eat? Continue reading

Spooky Stories II | 5 More Busted Appliance Myths


To help get into the Halloween spirit we thought we’d bring back Spooky Stories and bust a few more appliance myths.  What makes them so scary you ask?  For starters, many of them are commonly mistaken for truths.  But what’s even scarier is that these myths can potentially put you and your wallet at risk. Continue reading

Spooky Stories | 4 Common Appliance Myths Busted


Halloween means candy, costumes, and of course: scary stories.  But these stories don’t just have to be about werewolves and zombies.  There are plenty of stories about things you can find in your own home from Vampire and Ghost Power, to radioactive food, to flooded kitchens.  In the spirit of Halloween, today we are debunking a few spooky appliance myths.

Continue reading