Appliances to take extra care of during the summer, washing machines


Warm summer days are spent swimming and soaking up in the sun, but did you know that your appliances are affected by the summer heat? The extreme heat conditions can get the best of your appliances if you are not keeping an eye on them. The heat causes your appliances to work harder than they are designed to and can cause them to wear out, work less efficiently, and break down. Continue reading our series on your summer appliances Here:  Continue reading

Cleaning Your Washer’s Lint Trap


Did you know the lint trap located in your washer machine needs to be cleaned? Sometimes after taking a load of laundry out of the washer, we forget a small but huge step that goes a long way, cleaning the lint trap. You may need to replace your Washer Lint Trap (or your water filter) if your clothes display a furry coat of lint on them. Here are some basic FAQ’s about lint traps.

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