Tips to Save Energy This Fall


The weather is cooling down, the kiddos are going back to school, and fall is less than a month away! With September in full swing, it’s time to start prepping our homes for fall. Without further ado, here’s some tips and tricks to save energy this season, starting with your home appliances, heating, and lighting. Continue reading

7 Furnace Maintenance Tips to Keep It Running Efficiently


Taking care of your furnace properly will keep it running efficiently for many years. Proper maintenance is crucial if you want to avoid repair costs on your furnace every season. Continue reading

How to Clean and Replace a Furnace Filter



A furnace is in your home to help heat it.  A furnace filter is in your home to ensure that the air you are breathing is of a good quality.  There are an abundance of furnace filter types.  There are disposable and non-disposable.  Among these there is a rating that the filters are given to tell how high the quality of the filter is.  The higher the number the better the quality.

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