How to Clean a Range Hood Grease Filter


When was the last time you cleaned the under the hood grease filter? Have you ever cleaned it before? If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your grease filter then it’s not too late to clean it now! This range hood grease filter traps grease from the exhaust air. Cleaning this filter could get a little messy. Follow these steps to clean your grease filter. Continue reading

Product Pick of the Week: Range Burner Grates


A burner grate is like a work of art: it’s all bold lines, corners, and curves. Our burner grates support the heaviest of our pots, take splatters and spills without complaint, and only hold heat when we need them too allowing us to go from a boil to a simmer in no time flat.  We thought they deserved a little recognition, which is why we’ve made them our Product Pick this week. Continue reading

How to Clean Your Range Hood & Filters



A common problem when cleaning your kitchen is that many of us clean what we can see: counter-tops, the sink, the stove-top, stains on the refrigerator, and the controls on our range hoods.  But something many of us often forget about is cleaning under and inside of our range hoods.  This is because we don’t usually have to look up under there unless the fan is making a strange noise or the light bulb burns out.

If it’s been a while since you’ve checked out the underside of your range hood, you might not like what you see, especially when it comes to your filter.  But don’t stress about scrubbing down grease just yet.  Before you tackle cleaning your range hood, we’ve got a few tips for cleaning your range hood that will hopefully save you a bit of elbow grease. Continue reading