Don’t Throw Those Coffee Grounds Away!


If you’re an avid coffee drinker, you probably throw away several pounds of coffee grounds in a month. But what if you could use those for something, instead of wasting them? Turns out you can! Keep reading for a few creative ideas on how to get even more use out of your coffee! Continue reading

How to Clean Your Refrigerator, Naturally!


It’s a new year and you want to get started on your spring cleaning but you don’t know where to begin! Your kitchen is probably a good place to start especially after all of that holiday cooking. Cleaning out our refrigerators is the first step in the right direction. Once you have cleared the contents from your refrigerator, you will find your work there is not done. Grease stains, spills, sticky spots and all that good stuff is ready to go! The buildup of residue seems like it will take forever to scrub off. Fortunately we found that cleaning your refrigerator naturally can get the job done right!

Whip up this quick & easy homemade fridge cleaner to get started:

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