Deep-Clean Your Kitchen


With Thanksgiving barely over a week away, you want your kitchen in the best shape possible. In order to show off your home, or make the best food you can, you want to make sure that you fit in a deep cleaning of your kitchen before this day arrives. Seem daunting? Follow these eight steps to have a perfect kitchen in no time. Continue reading

The right cleaning tools for the job!


Attention homeowners! Whenever there’s a specific cleaning job to do, you can count on afresh cleaners to provide the right tool for the job. Your home is where you perform your daily tasks and live your life. There’s no question that dust, debris, and even odor can accumulate on and in your appliances! Avoid the trouble of deep cleaning by using Affresh cleaning supplies that make your chores much easier.

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Hacks and Tips for Organizing Your Refrigerator and Freezer


No matter the size of your refrigerator and freezer, it always seems as if there is never enough room for all of your food, drinks, and snacks.  Nothing is more frustrating than coming home from going grocery shopping and fighting to fit all of the food that you just bought into your fridge.  Being able to get items in and out of the fridge without knocking something else over or having to take something out is merely impossible, and dealing with the freezer is usually even worse because it is even smaller than the fridge.  If these problems are all too familiar to you, here are some clever hacks and tips that will make your life in this area of the kitchen a little bit easier.  Continue reading

Kitchen Cleaning Plan: A Clean Kitchen Makes Happy Appliances


We all know how life gets busy. One moment we are planning on cleaning our kitchen and the next you find yourself answering work emails. It can be very difficult to be thorough in your cleaning when you are in a rush, so we have broken down different (important!) chores in your kitchen to maintain working appliances and a healthy kitchen.

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How To Get Rid of Burnt Smell From Microwave



We have all done it. Over- cooked popcorn in the microwave or got distracted enough to put that TV dinner in for 30 minutes instead of 3 minutes. Now your house smells like burnt food, your microwave is weirdly yellow and you can’t help but scrunch your eyes and think about how to clean it. Every time you use your microwave that burnt smell lingers on your food and throughout the kitchen. Here are some fool-proof ways to defeat that nasty smell and make your home smell fresh and clean once more. Continue reading