Why am I having problems with my Ice Maker?


As we make our way through summer and are in need of excess amounts of ice, this is not the time for your ice maker to start causing problems! The three most common problems with ice makers are lake off ejecting the ice, leaking, and failing to make ice. The good news is ice makers are simple machines which all relatively operate the same way and leads to quick and easy repairs.

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Product Pick of the Week: Refrigerator Water Inlet Valves


Having trouble with your ice maker?  Or maybe your water dispenser is running slow?  There might might not actually be a problem with either, directly anyway. Often times the source of the problem is the Water Inlet Valve. This one little valve has a lot of control when it comes to what makes it through your refrigerator’s water lines, and when there’s a problem it can stop your dispenser and ice maker in their tracks which is why we’ve made it our Pick of the Week. Continue reading

How to Troubleshoot a Noisy Dishwasher


A noisy dishwasher is common in many households. Many people assume that repairs must be done by a serviceman, however, repairing your dishwasher is not a difficult process. If you are in the mood to save some money and take matters into your own hands, stay tuned for our dishwasher troubleshooting tips!  Continue reading