How the Summer Heat Is Affecting Your Home Appliances


Warm summer days are the best for swimming and soaking up the sun, but the heat can also be getting the best of your home appliances. Extreme heat, summer storms, and power outages can damage your appliances and make them work much harder than they are used to. If you don’t keep an eye on your major appliances, they may unexpectedly break down or start functioning less efficiently.

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How to Rid Your Washer of Pungent Odors


There is nothing worse than putting your stinky clothes through the wash and having them come out smelling the same way they did before you put them in. The root of your problem is most likely with your smelly washing machine. Lucky for all of you, we know a quick Do-It-Yourself trick that can rid your washer and clothing of the stinkiest of smells! Continue reading

3 Ways Your Range Can Become a Toaster


The biggest question that we never ask ourselves is, “Am I getting the most use out of my appliance?” We never question the basic functions of our appliances because, well, they are basic and why would we want to change that? However, you would be surprised how many more ways you can use your appliances outside of your daily cooking and cleaning routines.

A case in point of the unknown functions of our appliances are the many uses your gas or electric range has to offer. Below we have provided you with three different methods on how to toast your bread using an electric or gas range/oven.  Continue reading

Guide to Choosing the Right Air Conditioner for Your Home


We all spend months waiting for summer to return right when the season ends. As much as we look forward to the warm weather and the activities it brings, we forget how high temperatures can get. Once the season hits it’s peak – so does the humid heat. If central air conditioning is not an option for your home, there are plenty of inexpensive alternatives that would be perfect for your home.  Continue reading

Summertime Tips: Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen


An outdoor kitchen expands your living space in the best ways – it allows you to cook, eat, and entertain with ease. Summer is the best time for backyard BBQ’s and family gatherings, so  having a well designed outdoor kitchen is as crucial. It can be as functional as an indoor kitchen, as welcoming as a living room and as entertaining as a family room. This layout may seem tricky to achieve, but with these tips & suggestions you can start your outdoor kitchen design today! Continue reading

How to Properly Clean Your Air Conditioner’s Condenser Unit


Chances are that you’ve neglected your spring time cleaning because the summertime heat is just not here yet. We are here to help you get started! Your home’s air conditioning system sits idle for almost an entire year. To ensure it works efficiently, a proper and thorough cleaning is necessary.  A year’s worth of dirt and debris clogging the fins, a low coolant level, and a dirty blower fan can significantly reduce the effectiveness of your air conditioner and actually wear it out faster.

We will be giving you some simple maintenance steps that will only take you a few hours. And don’t worry – you don’t need to know the in’s and out’s about your air conditioner, we will walk you through the basics. Let’s get started!  Continue reading

How to Troubleshoot Samsung Washer Displaying 4E Error


It is time to get familiar with your appliance! If your Samsung front load or top load washer is displaying the error fault codes 4E or NF, it is important to find out what is going on with your washer. Generally, these error codes mean that you washer is having an issue detecting water.

NF and 4E = No Water Feed = Washer Not Filling 

Look for these codes on your control panel display. These indicate that there is something preventing your washer from receiving water into the water inlet valve. Continue reading