Product Pick of The Week: Dishwasher, Washer magic Cleaner


Welcome to our new series, every week we will be selecting a new part or product we sell and explaining its use and importance. This article will talk about Glisten Dishwasher and Washer Magic! This product cleans, freshens, and maintains the cleanliness of your appliance. Have you ever struggled to remove limescale and rust in your dishwasher? Or odor in your washing machine? 1st Source Servall will explain all the ways this product will be useful in your home!

This Magic cleaner comes in a pack of two, one cleaner is for dishwashers which remove rust, lime, grease, and other build-up while disinfecting and cleaning hidden areas of your dishwasher. The washer cleaner removes detergent build-up and other residues that cause odors and affect the cleaning of your washing machine.

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