Still Looking For That Last Gift?


Almost done with your holiday shopping but stumped on what to get your favorite handyperson?  Or maybe you’re still just looking for stocking stuffers or a last minute present?  We’ve got a few ideas that’ll make perfect holiday gifts.  The best part?  You can find many of these items right in our local stores so you’ll still have time to get them wrapped up and ready to go.   Continue reading

Product Pick of the Week: Gifts For Dad


Father’s Day is almost here, do you have something picked out for Dad yet?  In this week’s Product Pick we thought we’d help you out with a few ideas perfect for Dad.  And these don’t just have to be for Father’s day, these could also make great Birthday, Christmas, or anytime gifts!  Continue reading

How to Replace a 4-Prong Electric Dryer Power Cord


If your home was built after the year 2000, you may have noticed that there is a four-prong outlet for your dryer, rather than a three prong.  The reason?  All new homes are required to do so by The National Electric Code for safety purposes.  Although existing homes are still allowed to use three prong outlets, it’s a good a idea to make the switch.

4-prong power cords have a lower risk of shock because the power cords no longer have the ground and neutral wires grouped together.  It helps to prevent ground currents from making their way up the power cord to the appliance.


Dryer Power Cords copy

So what can you do if you have an older dryer in a new home?  Do you need to get a new dryer?  Although they do make adapters, they aren’t very safe and should only be used as a temporary fix.  No need to worry though, it is relatively easy to convert most older electric dryers from a 3-prong power cord to a 4-prong power cord.  Please consult your owner’s manual to determine if your dryer model is compatible for conversion.   

Today we have a step-by-step repair guide for installing or simply replacing a faulty or non-functioning 4-prong power cord on an electric dryer.

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