Microwave Maintenance Tips



Many people use their microwaves everyday without hesitation. Have you ever stopped to think that are things you can do to keep your microwave performing efficiently? Following these tips can help prolong the life of your microwave. Continue reading


Things that should not be in the microwave


Microwaves are fast, easy to use so what can possibly go wrong? Well, a lot can actually. Do not start a fire in your kitchen by doing silly mistakes that can be damaging to your microwave and your home.

Here we have a list of items that you should never put in your microwave:

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Product Pick of the Week: Universal Microwave Steamer


Yes, you read that right.  This week our Product Pick goes to this Whirlpool Universal Microwave Steamer (part number 8205262RB).


If you didn’t already know, in addition to millions of OEM appliance replacement parts we also carry a wide variety of appliance accessories, cleaners, tools, gadgets, and more ranging from Emergency Radios to Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer attachments.  But this week, we’ll be focusing on this Microwave Steamer. Continue reading

5 Quick “Microwave Safe” Tips


On many containers and fast food boxes it says “microwave safe” but what does that really mean and what containers are safe for us to put in the microwave? The term microwave safe means that the cookware can be safely placed in a microwave as food is being heated or cooked; in order for an item to get the label as “microwave safe” it must be able to be placed in a microwave without food and not warm above room temperature despite being heated in the microwave.

Though many containers do have the label of “microwave safe” a lot of other items we warm in the microwave such as plastic wrap and paper towel are in the grey area to this label because they are not truly a container so they do not get tested.  Since most of the time what we put inside of the microwave is something we are going to be digesting it is pretty important for us to know what is and is not safe for us to put in the microwave. So here are 5 quick tips to some microwave dos and don’ts to keep you microwave safe.


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