Carrier Expands Recall on PTAC & PTHP Units


As of February 23, 2017 Carrier has expanded the recall on Carrier, Bryant, and Fast brand PTAC and PTHP units due to a faulty power cord posing a fire hazard risk. The recall includes approximately 94,000 units in addition to the original 185,000 recalled in November of 2007 and 285,000 added in December of 2015. Continue reading

Samsung Washer Recall Information


At 1st Source Servall, we try to keep our readers and customers informed when it comes to appliance recalls to ensure your safety. You can find past posts on recalls here, or an up to date list on the CPSC website.

November 4, 2016 – Samsung has officially recalled 34 top-loading washing machine models due to risk of damage and potential injury from impact after receiving 733 reports of excessive vibration or the top detaching from the chassis. Continue reading

Dehumidifier Recall Information


We care about your safety which is why we try to keep you as updated as possible when it comes to appliance recalls. If you’re looking for past recalls, you can find them here.

On November 2, 2016  a recall was issued by CPSC on behalf of GD Midea for approximately 3.4 million dehumidifiers due to reports of smoke and fire.  The recall applies to select 20, 30, 40 , 50, 60, 65, 70, and 75 pint dehumidifier models manufactured by GD Midea.   Continue reading

Product Pick of the Week: Refrigerator Capacitors


When you reach for the door on your refrigerator, you expect it to be cold inside.  But have you ever wondered how it gets that way?  We’ve talked about a few parts that help with this in the past like the Start Relay, the Overload, the Evaporator Fan Motor, the Compressor…the list goes on (you can read about those here).  But one important part that we haven’t talked about yet is the Capacitor.  Without this one little part the Compressor doesn’t know to start, leaving you with a warm fridge and that’s why we’ve made it our Pick of the Week. Continue reading

Product Pick of the Week: Dishwasher Pumps & Motors


Dishwashers are great.  They save us the time and effort of having to wash dishes by hand, and can even save you money by using less water especially when it comes to newer models.  But have you ever wondered just how your dishwasher gets your dishes so clean?  Two very important players in the cleaning process are our product picks this week – the Pump & Motor.

Continue reading

Product Pick of the Week: Dryer Timers


Dryers: we’re all pretty familiar with them.  For decades, they’ve helped to make laundry a little bit easier, saving us the hassle of having to line dry everything and speeding things up so we can have our warm fluffy towels, dry clothes, blankets, and more sooner.

We turn the knob, push start and expect it to handle the rest.  But how does the dryer know just what to do?  Part of this is thanks to the Dryer Timer, a key player when it comes to managing the different cycles, which is why they’re this week’s Product Pick. Continue reading

Product Pick of the Week: Door Handles


Whether it be on the fridge, the oven, dishwasher, washer, dryer, or even the microwave Door Handles get a lot of use.  Everyday we pull, and pull, and pull on them again expecting the appliance to open and just about every time they deliver.

Without this one tough and simple part, we wouldn’t be able to access our appliances with ease which is why we’ve made Door Handles our Product Pick of the Week. Continue reading

Important Recall Information: American Standard Gas Water Heaters


At 1st Source Servall, we care about the safety of our valued customers and readers which is why we try to keep you up to date on appliance recalls.

As of May 24, 2016 Water Heating Technologies has issued a recall on select models of their American Standard 30, 40, and 50 gallon Gas Water Heaters due to risk of fire hazard. Continue reading