Are your Cleaning Tools Clean?



If you have never taken the time to clean the tools you use to clean your house, then the answer to the above question is no. Most people don’t think about cleaning out the vacuum or washing the mop, but if the utensils you clean with are not clean themselves, using them can actually be more unhygienic than not cleaning at all. Keep reading for the best ways to ensure that your household tools are sanitary! Continue reading

Time for Spring Cleaning!


Happy spring! With winter officially behind us, many people have spring cleaning on their mind. But this can seem a bit daunting- who has time to clean their entire home in one day? Read this checklist to see the main things to get done to optimize your efforts and deep-clean your home in just a few hours of spring cleaning. Continue reading

Surprising Items you can throw in your washing machine


Have you ever been stuck doing laundry because you were unsure of what you can and cannot wash in your washing machine? Many home owners assume that only clothing and bedding can be washed in your washer, they believe that if they put anything other than clothing it will break down and they will need to repair their washing machine. Although you can’t put everything in your washer, here are some items you would never think to wash in your washing machine!

Continue reading