Ice maker not making ice anymore?


There are a couple reasons why an ice maker may stop working. The two most common reasons your ice maker wouldn’t be working are one, the motor coupling needs to be replaced or two, your dispenser motor needs to be replaced. No need to worry or call an expensive repairman both of these repairs can be done DIY pretty easily!

Replacing Your Motor Coupling

Tools you’ll need:
New Motor Coupling

Steps To Replace Your Motor Coupling:
1.) Open the freezer door.
2.) Remove the ice dispenser assembly by simply lifting up and pulling out
3.) Remove old motor coupling located at the back of the freezer it is cross thread so you will turn left to remove it it will be on pretty tight so you will have to use the hammer to tap it loose enough to spin it off with your hands
4.) Place new motor coupling on remember its cross threaded so spin it right to tighten
5.) Replace the ice dispenser assembly by lining it up with the tracks and pushing it into place


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