How to Get Pet Hair Off of Everything


Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person or you could have a more exotic pet, your pet’s hair is bound to get all over you and your home.  Today we’ll explore some ways to get pet hair off your clothes, furniture and floors.

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Eliminate Pet Hair From Your Washer For Good!     


Pets are cute and cuddly but having pets around can easily become a nightmare when you are dealing with pet hair. Any pet owner will know how difficult it is to completely remove pet hair from your bedding, clothes, furniture, and washing machine.

It’s already hard enough getting rid of your pet’s hair from your clothing but when it’s stuck to your washing machine it can become problematic. When pet hair gets wet, it  clumps together and can cause the drain to clog.  We stress that it is important to get the pet hair off before throwing them into the wash. Continue reading