Efficiency with a Sparkle


Dishwashers make our lives a whole lot easier. No more scrubbing those dishes clean after every meal. All we have to do is load up the dishwasher and press start. But is that REALLY all we have to do? No, actually, it’s not. In order to see our dishes come out sparkly clean time and time again, we have to keep our dishwashers sparkly clean too. This is very important for several reasons: Continue reading

Why Is My Dishwasher Smelly?


Have you ever opened your freshly run dishwasher to a foul, “fishy” smell? The good news is that this is not uncommon. Many people believe that their dishwasher is a self-cleaning machine, but, just like other appliances, it requires maintenance. As you run your dishwasher time after time, leftover food builds up in the filter and in the corners of the machine you would never think to clean. So, before you blame it on your detergent, take a scrub brush to these main areas of your dishwasher which could be the cause of the odor.


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