Why is my Stove Sparking? | 5 Common Causes of a Sparking Electric Range


If the Coil Surface Burner Element on an electric stove sparks, you’ll know it.  The experience can range from a single spark powerful enough to put a hole in the bottom of a pot, to a shower of sparks until the coil burns out, to a few small pops.  But what causes this?

If you’ve ever tried to search for answers online, you probably didn’t come up with very much.  A sparking electric stove is a bit of a rare occurrence, but when it does happen it’s usually because of one of a few common causes.  Today we’ll be sharing with you 5 Common Causes of a Sparking Electric Range.  Continue reading


Why is my Gas Stove Still Clicking? | How to Replace a Spark Ignition Switch


Is your Gas Stove or Range making a clicking noise even after the burner lights, or worse is the burner not lighting at all?  If you’ve already gone through the troubleshooting tips we shared the other day (if you missed that post, you can find it here)  and are still faced with this issue it might be time to replace your Spark Ignition Switch.

316032000-Frigidaire Spark Ignitor Switch

Part #316032000-Frigidaire Spark Ignitor Switch

The Spark Ignition Switch is controlled by the Surface Burner Control Knob on your stove or range, this part causes a spark to emit to light the burner (this spark is what makes the clicking sound).  Today we are going to share with you the step-by-step instructions on how to replace your Spark Ignition Switch.  

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How to Clean your Glass Stove Top


A Glass Top Electric or Induction Stove is often viewed as the epitome of smooth, sleek, and modern looking appliances. With the heating elements below the glass surface, cleaning out drip pans, scrubbing coils, and balancing wobbly pots are all troubles of the past.  And with that flat surface, clean up is a breeze…or is it?

Truth is, glass cook-tops are notorious for scorch marks and burnt on stains.  If you don’t know how to care for them, they can seem like a cleaning nightmare.  But, with the right tools and cleaners you can skip the elbow grease and keep your Glass Cook-top shining like new.

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