Induction ranges gets cooking done and leaves the cooking surface cool by using an electromagnetic field to heat up pots/pans without heating up your kitchen. This electromagnetic field excites iron molecules into the pan to make it hot enough to cook food in. An induction range cooks food efficiently and rapidly while only heating up the pot and food inside. There are several advantages to induction ranges rather than gas or electric ranges.

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3 Ways Your Range Can Become a Toaster


The biggest question that we never ask ourselves is, “Am I getting the most use out of my appliance?” We never question the basic functions of our appliances because, well, they are basic and why would we want to change that? However, you would be surprised how many more ways you can use your appliances outside of your daily cooking and cleaning routines.

A case in point of the unknown functions of our appliances are the many uses your gas or electric range has to offer. Below we have provided you with three different methods on how to toast your bread using an electric or gas range/oven.  Continue reading