You Can Become a Knob Expert!


Many of our major appliances such as ranges,washers, dryers, and dishwashers all have knobs of some sort. Being one of the most used or touched parts of the appliance. Overtime they become worn or possibly even cracked or damaged. Also among all appliances replacing a damaged knob is one of the most simple DIY repairs. So lets take a moment and make you a knob expert!

45473396 - close up of electric oven knobs.

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Product Pick of the Week : Washer & Dryer Control Knobs & Settings


The Selector, Timer, or Control Knobs on your Washer and Dryer make it possible to choose different cycles for different types of loads.  But have you wondered what the difference is between each of those cycles?  Most of us just check the tag on our clothes and set our washer and dryer to the recommended settings without actually knowing what changes we’re making.

In this Product Pick of the Week, we’ll be going over how to replace the Selector or Control Knobs on your Washer or Dryer and highlight the differences between some of the most common cycles found on each appliance. Continue reading