Dryer Venting Myths


When it comes to the dryer, there always seems to be some confusion when it comes to venting. Dryer venting is important and should be done the right way to keep the dryer from functioning properly and the people in the house safe. For dryer venting misconceptions or myths, read below.

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Design Trend: Built-In & Integrated Appliances


These days when it comes time to select appliances for your home the options available can be a little overwhelming.  But one trend that has been growing in popularity over the past few years is the incorporation of  Built-In and Integrated appliances.  They have become a key element when it comes to designing a “truly high-end” kitchen.

Integrated and Built-In appliances are similar in that they have been designed to create a more cohesive look in the kitchen, where your appliances seem purposefully placed and to “fit” rather than the traditional free-standing models. They’re also very often confused for one another.  In today’s blog, we hope to make those differences a little clearer. Continue reading