The Magical Wonders Of Vinegar!

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We’re always looking for new and easy ways to clean our appliances and our homes. Why go out and buy all of these cleaners when a simple household product like vinegar can be used?! Here’s some ways that vinegar can be used to make our household items and appliances better.

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How to Wash Your Towels

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Everyone loves nice, clean,  fluffy towels.  Some people love them so much that they even buy candles and air fresheners that smell like them.  But something that we’ve noticed lately is that a lot of people have been asking just how to wash your towels to keep them that way, and of course how to avoid musty mildew smells.  So today we’ll be explaining how to do just that.  Continue reading

How To Get Rid of Burnt Smell From Microwave



We have all done it. Over- cooked popcorn in the microwave or got distracted enough to put that TV dinner in for 30 minutes instead of 3 minutes. Now your house smells like burnt food, your microwave is weirdly yellow and you can’t help but scrunch your eyes and think about how to clean it. Every time you use your microwave that burnt smell lingers on your food and throughout the kitchen. Here are some fool-proof ways to defeat that nasty smell and make your home smell fresh and clean once more. Continue reading

How To Clean An Oven (The Natural Way)


Learn how to clean your oven with this safe and natural method, it will look brand new again!

What you’ll need:

  • water
  • baking soda
  • dish cloth
  • plastic or silicone spatula
  • white vinegar
  • spray bottle

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