Product Pick of the Week: Evaporator Fan Motors


When you open up your refrigerator you expect it to be cold and for the freezer to be even colder.  But how does it get that way and stay that way?  In today’s Product Pick we’ll be talking about one of the components in the cooling process inside of your refrigerator: The Evaporator Fan Motor.  We’ll go over what the Evaporator Fan does in your refrigerator and share a few common signs it may need to be troubleshooted or replaced.    Continue reading


Product Pick of the Week: Start Relays & Overloads


We’re back with another installment of our Product Pick of the Week series.  Each week, we select an appliance part, part category, or product and talk a little about it.  This week’s pick goes out to the Refrigerator Start Relay and Overload.  In today’s post we’ll explain how the Start Relay and Overload work and share a few common signs that they may need to be replaced. Continue reading