Efficiency with a Sparkle


Dishwashers make our lives a whole lot easier. No more scrubbing those dishes clean after every meal. All we have to do is load up the dishwasher and press start. But is that REALLY all we have to do? No, actually, it’s not. In order to see our dishes come out sparkly clean time and time again, we have to keep our dishwashers sparkly clean too. This is very important for several reasons: Continue reading

Product Pick of the Week: Lemi Shine


23866389_sThis week’s Product Pick of the Week relates to a post we posted a few months ago called “Why are my Dishes Spotty and Cloudy?”  Aside from the reasons stated in that post, the type of water cleaning your dishes can effect whether or not they are cloudy as well. Who would have thought that there is more than one type of water? These differences are noticed in other everyday activities like showering and doing laundry. These different types of water can have an effect on how your water-using appliances are running, which in turn has an effect on your energy bill. So, what is the difference between hard water and soft water?

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Why Are My Dishes Spotty and Cloudy? | Troubleshooting Tips


Dishwashers are meant to make things easier.  But, when your dishwasher leaves your glasses and dishes spotty and filmy it can be quite disappointing.  If you’ve been dealing with this issue, don’t worry you don’t need to buy a new dishwasher.  This is actually a very common issue that many people are faced with.

The most common causes of white film, cloudiness, and/or spotting are:

-Hard Water Stains/ Mineral Deposits

-Soap Residue

So how do you tell which it is?  Take one of your glasses that has the white residue and run it under the tap.  If the clouding wipes away easily, your problem is most likely detergent based.  However, if the glass appears to wipe clean, but the film reappears once the glass is dry you most likely have a hard water/mineral deposit problem.

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