Why is My Freezer Frosting Over?


Is your freezer suddenly frosting over? For starters, lets talk about the functions of our freezers. There must be cooling air circulated inside of each compartment within your freezer at all times. If this cool airs comes in contact with hot or humid air outside of a compartment it generates frost around your freezer. Ice or frost could be building up inside the top area or the back wall of the freezer as well as the freezer basket or drawer rails. If there is excess moisture, condensation, or fog coming from your freezer – this causes frost and even freezing.


Having a weak cooling system can also be the reason your freezer is not performing properly. More commonly known causes are:

  • Freezer door is not fully closed8433155_s
  • Improper ventilation of cool air
  • Ice maker flap is open
  • Torn Gasket
  • Freezer drain tube frozen
  • Ice maker not filling properly




To avoid that extra frost buildup in your freezer, follow these simple tips:

  1. Check that the freezer door was not left open for a period of time
  • Push in all drawers to ensure that door closes fully
  • Make sure that your freezer door is completely sealed shut

**** Take a dollar bill and close it in the freezer door. If you are able to pull out the dollar bill with ease then the seals of your door should be replaced.

  1. Inspect all door gaskets are attached and sealed properly to your freezer door for tears, rips, or dry rot
  1. Improper Ventilation
  • Make sure there is nothing resting against the rear wall of your freezer
  • Space the contents of your freezer out evenly to ensure your freezer has good ventilation
  • Make sure the that the air vent in your freezer is not blocked
  • Simply check the air vent from time to time to ensure it is running properly


  1. The Ice Maker Flap is Open
  • When the flap on your ice dispenser is not accurately closed – warm air enters the freezer and causes a frost buildup inside.
  • Check the flap: Open left side door and look at the flap inside of the ice chute
  • If the flap is not even with the housing, check for ice or any debris that may be keeping the flap open
  1. Clean the freezer condenser if it has been more than 3 months since last cleaning
  1. Check the temperature component
  • Electric control panel, recommended temperature is 00 ° F.
  • Dial control, set the dial between 4-6 at the warmest, 10 being the coldest – suggested is   0 ° F.
  1. Drain Tube is Frozen
  • This could mean that the drain is clogged and tubes need to be cleaned.
  1. Wait 24 hours for your freezer to return to normal temperatures after following these steps.


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