Slow Ice Production?

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It’s disappointing when you are craving a cold glass of water or juice and realize you’re low or completely out of ice. You might wonder why it takes your ice maker so long to produce ice for your needs. There are a few common reasons this happens that you should check or get fixed to help your ice maker produce ice faster and more efficiently. There are also many easy repairs you can complete or things you can check yourself to make sure everything in your freezer is operating properly.

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5 Potential Leaky Areas | Does Your Refrigerator Meet One of Them?


Leaks in your kitchen do not always come from your sink or dishwasher. Truth is, your refrigerator can be leaking from 5 different areas. This issue should be addressed immediately especially if the leak has reached the floor – and we’ll tell you why. Water on your kitchen floor is a slipping hazard and can put anyone at risk of experiencing electric shock who comes in contact with water and electrical outlets.

Since there are different brands and types of refrigerators, these trouble shooting tips will address the various problems your refrigerator may be experiencing. Consulting your manufacturer’s refrigerator manual will serve as a tool in fixing your appliance. Continue reading

Product Pick of the Week: Ice Machine Cleaner


This week on our Product Pick of the Week, we chose to talk about our ice machine cleaner. You probably never knew how important it is to clean your ice machine. Just like the food in your refrigerator goes bad, the ice and the food in your freezer can go bad and make your ice taste funny. Similarly, built up mineral deposits from the water can cause issues with your ice quality as well. This ice machine cleaner will make your ice odorless again and back to normal!

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When Should I Buy A New Appliance?


You’ve had your current appliance for what seems like a lifetime, and all those years ago you promised to run it to the ground. But, what happens if it’s Christmas Eve and you are left without a working oven? Or it is someone’s birthday and you can’t cook them their favorite meal? It may be time to start planning out the purchase of an appliance before you get stuck. Surprisingly there are some dates that are better than others for appliance purchasing.


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Why is My Freezer Frosting Over?


Is your freezer suddenly frosting over? For starters, lets talk about the functions of our freezers. There must be cooling air circulated inside of each compartment within your freezer at all times. If this cool airs comes in contact with hot or humid air outside of a compartment it generates frost around your freezer. Ice or frost could be building up inside the top area or the back wall of the freezer as well as the freezer basket or drawer rails. If there is excess moisture, condensation, or fog coming from your freezer – this causes frost and even freezing.


Having a weak cooling system can also be the reason your freezer is not performing properly. More commonly known causes are:

  • Freezer door is not fully closed8433155_s
  • Improper ventilation of cool air
  • Ice maker flap is open
  • Torn Gasket
  • Freezer drain tube frozen
  • Ice maker not filling properly




To avoid that extra frost buildup in your freezer, follow these simple tips:

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Why Is My Ice Hollow? | Ice Maker Troubleshooting Tips


Have you noticed that your ice maker has been producing hollow ice cubes lately?  If you answered yes, you are not alone.  Hollow ice is a relatively common issue usually accompanied by smaller than normal ice cubes and clumping in your ice bin.  But what causes this to happen?

Today we have a few common causes of hollow ice and some troubleshooting tips to get your ice back to normal.

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Ice maker not making ice anymore?


There are a couple reasons why an ice maker may stop working. The two most common reasons your ice maker wouldn’t be working are one, the motor coupling needs to be replaced or two, your dispenser motor needs to be replaced. No need to worry or call an expensive repairman both of these repairs can be done DIY pretty easily!

Replacing Your Motor Coupling

Tools you’ll need:
New Motor Coupling

Steps To Replace Your Motor Coupling:
1.) Open the freezer door.
2.) Remove the ice dispenser assembly by simply lifting up and pulling out
3.) Remove old motor coupling located at the back of the freezer it is cross thread so you will turn left to remove it it will be on pretty tight so you will have to use the hammer to tap it loose enough to spin it off with your hands
4.) Place new motor coupling on remember its cross threaded so spin it right to tighten
5.) Replace the ice dispenser assembly by lining it up with the tracks and pushing it into place


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